Ocean blue, the end.

Date: 7/18/2017

By tenxa64

i was driving my blue scion along the highway, my wife and 2 brothers in law in the car. we were chatting about something not important. we were headed for the beach on a hot summer day. as we were driving i look away for a second and when i turn back to the road the car hits the cliff, i see the sky and ocean before us as the car flys off a cliff. the car dives into the ocean floating down bellow the drop off point. i manage to keep everyone calm as the car fills with water and make sure everyone is unbuckled. as soon as the car is full i make sure everyone is out by being the last out. as we swim up towards the surface i see sharks in the distance. we break the surface and swim towards the beach. we manage to get to the beach and crawl out of the water. i wake up at this point eyes blurry facing a white wall and all i think is im in the hospital.