Playing a computer game in class

Date: 2/10/2017

By Finami

For a general education credit, I had to take a computer class. That being the case, my current class was quite basic. The problem was that there were no other seats at the computers. The only one available was connected to the projector. I had no choice except to take it. I logged into my account and went through the lesson with no mistakes. By this time, everyone was expected to log out and wait until the bell rang. I clicked on the bottom tab and for some reason, there was no log out button that I could identify. Where it usually would be is displayed as an icon. I clicked on it, under the impression the icon was hacked. I was right, but not entirely. Apparently, one of the games I played in a previous dream crawled into my school's computer system. This was the last thing I wanted to display in front of the whole class. I used the "ctrl alt delete" sequence. Nothing happened. Right clicked. Only copy and paste to show. I was stuck with this game saying that I needed to finish it until the end. I found an option to try a new game and clicked on it, thinking it may give up on the idea. However, it wanted to make a deal. If I finished the chapter, I could log out. I accepted this, finding the whole situation ridiculous. This was in front of the class no less. The game was elaborate, filled with more of a hunt and survival type of format. The concept circled around the fact someone was trying to murder my character and I had to keep her safe until I reached a safe place. With a lot of struggle, I was able to meet my goal. Through this display, students looked on in awe. The one beside me was provoked to find another like it herself. I verbally stopped her. Otherwise, she probably wouldn't be able to log out either. I saved my progress and as promised, the game stopped itself, saying how it awaited my return. I looked everywhere once more and there was still no log out button. The next class was beginning to take their seats and I had to catch my other class in a few minutes. I called my last solution over, which was a teacher. She sat down for a moment, pressing the ctrl alt delete buttons incorrectly. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking the computer was built differently. She tried my way as well. None of them worked. As a last resort, she decided to shut the system down. I sighed in relief, taking my bag. Before I left, I noticed a stuffed rabbit attached to the front of my backpack. I had no choice but to lug it around with me; it was fused together with the bag tightly. I gripped my hand around the strap. In response, I heard a voice say, "Do you think you are above consequences?" I woke up with that phrase, very uncomfortable.