the amazingly tall landscaper and mom with a dog and a rooster

Date: 4/7/2017

By RoxeyD

I woke up because I heard noise downstairs.. it was my house only no carpet .. bigger and kind of emptier. the noise was a dog downstairs but jazz was with me... it was mom with a dog.. a little brown dog (bot ypung but not old) and it appeared to be hers. she(mom) had a lot of energy and was like one of those commercial people that was telling about some fantastic new joint medicine.. anyhow.. she brought her dog to play with jazz.. I came down the stairs.. the dogs played and ran off to the living room.. when I looked to the kitchen there was a rooster walking away.. straight away.. or a chicken idk but it was on the taller side and it was that reddish brown.. and I was like mom.. is that a chicken? she laughed playfully at me and then told me some people were outside wanting to talk to me. I went outside and a man on the right woman to the left were trimming a single branch tree on my side of the driveway. the tree was growing straight up with just a few budding green leaves on the tip..the branch was maybe an inch wide if that and pliable.. both he and she were attractive. the man approached me and stepped up on the porch (there was a platform in front of the section with the wall). as he did I fell down backward on my but..because his height overpowered me like a mountain.. he had to be 8 feet tall..and muscle thick like a power forward or a lumberjack.. she was maybe my height.. same dark hair and blue eyes as he.. he was sheepish when I said his height startled me.. she kind of scoffed.. they didn't help me up- I pulled myself up grasping the porch wall to my left..catching my breath.. they were brother and sister and had one other man.. a small man like joey..not much over 5ft and probably the person to crawl under porches and such.... he gave off a sneaky vibe (he was in the truck bed that was behind them parked streetside the neighbors house..and they did general yard work. they wanted to know if I wanted them to do my leaves... his eyes were piercingly blue.. he had hair like Hercules in the 2015 flick but it was dark brown or black like a black irishman.. I told them about how I had just bought a new lawn mower and leaf blower but that it wasn't time yet and I'd do it next weekend.. they kind of went back to their work and I think I woke up thinking about getting their card because maybe they could move the two short bushes for me.