Watching Someone Being Skinned Alive

Date: 8/9/2017

By colten

Me, who I guess was supposed to be my mom and brother (they didn't look like them at all), and who is supposed to be my "friend" (he honestly looked like Jake Paul) are all in this living room. I've never seen this room or house before. But it turned morbid fast. I watched my "friend" literally cut the skin off of my "brother", who seems totally calm during this, and slip into the skin like a body suit, all while my "Mom" is standing in the living room folding clothes. Keep in mind my "Mom" didn't know. At this point I feel lifeless, and I have no idea where he put my brother's corpse. All I remember is sneaking off to my room because I have no idea what to do. All while my "friend" is talking to my "mom" in my "brother's" skin. Suddenly I find myself running outside with a laundry basket filled with what looks like the skinned body and I throw it into some unfamiliar looking pond in the backyard. Soon, I find that I'm in the bodysuit made of skin. I have all of my friend's clothes on. Then I hear a blood curdling scream and a car horn. I run outside to find my mom screaming in the car explaining "Jake" killed my brother. And then she starts screeching while taking pictures of me. Something I noticed is I already saw my "friend" aka "Jake" in a dream I already had last night. This time he is sitting in a horse and carriage while sitting in what looks like an animals skin.