64. 1. Timeline repair⏳ 2. Binding of Isac🕸 3. Teen slaves mafia🕵

Date: 6/27/2017

By Raul

1. Crazy old lady came from the future to changed the timeline. I somehow had memories of both timelines and i had video proof. I convinced my friends this is real and told them to help me restore the original time line . They called me Son of Death because I had to die to repair our prezent time (I was dead in the original timeline) 2. I am the main antagonist in a world that worked by the rules of a game called The Binding of Isac where people had powers based on the artifacts they colect. I had the power of spider and fly. I constantly battle monsters and run away from Mother Spider because she is overpowered. 3. I had a bag of money and I infiltrated a prostitution whorehouse mafia that had teen slaves. I managed to save a young girl and she falls in love with me.