Dragon rafting

Date: 7/9/2017

By mudpath

I was a Dragon rider and I went out on a search and rescue mission while me and my team was caught in a storm and we were separated from our dragons. we knew we were up stream from our city and we needed to go home. we located did locate the missing riders and the happened to have a raft so we started to ride it down stream. I used my magic to call my dragon of my took 2 days for the dragons to come. I was relieved when we were able to fly back with our dragons with the missing riders. their families were happy to receive good news about their riders coming home. I went back to my apartment which had standard furniture with a big screen tv and a view of the city my dragon wandered up to me. the dragons are about the size a small riding horse. She bursted into a bright light before shrinking to the size of a small house cat. she curled up into a small ball on my lap. I called home and tried talking to my family, but they were to busy to really talk it was more of a rushed conversation rather than a talk. they didn't even notice I had gone missing. everyone was looking for the others. I drank myself to sleep that night.