The Radical Pastor and The Three Omen Sisters

Date: 7/25/2019

By PhilipHShen

I was at my summer class orgo lab period with the same friends and classmates, like Jackie, Zay, and others. The difference was there was an old lady who was a classmate too, and she just kept on flirting with me, cat calling me and winking at me. After for a while of trying to ignore her, it got on my nerves, and I told her to please stop, sternly. My TA came to make sure I was fine because he knew the old lady was giving me a hard time. Then, a radical pastor barged in and yelled that I come to talk to him at his office privately. So I went, and he was yelling at me for calling the old lady "old" like it was blasphemy or something. Then, each lab day, he would drag me out from class and scold me hard and question my Christianity, making me keep on missing class and losing points. Then one day, after he finished spitting insults at me, he took me outside through his garden. We then saw three statues of three sisters. The pastor was puzzled where they came from and didn't understand them. But I somehow KNEW what they were. They meant no good... 💀 These sisters all had skull faces. One wore a reaper's cloth and held out someone's cut off head with her left hand and a scythe on her right, she represented death. One was made of crystals, and wore and posed like a middle eastern veil dancer, she represented ice. The other was made of stone, and held her hand in some sort of salutary position, she represented earth. When someone sees the three sisters, they will be forced to play a survival game where they must pass each of the sister's impossible death trials, and survive to escape. And somehow, I KNEW how each trial works, all the terrain, booby traps, and safe spots. So, I knew the pastor had been so mean to me, but I still wanted to help him escape. I tried to tell him the danger of the three sisters, but he was too puzzled and couldn't understand me. So I grabbed him, and forced him to follow me. I ran, holding him, as fast as I could, but the grass began to change to dry stone and rocks, and the trees turned into a sinister jungle. It was too late, we were in the Earth sister's territory, so I told the pastor not to panic since I knew exactly how to pass all of the trials. Then, the trial began... The ground shook. It was fracturing and falling apart towards us. Again, I grab the scared, panicking, screaming pastor, and ran through the dark jungle, where the trees were rigged with toxic darts, which were blasting all over the place from the purple vegetation. I knew how to navigate somehow, and I some reason wanted to save this bad pastor despite all he did to me. It just was all instinct and I did without thinking. Then, my alarm went off, and my dream ended... I never got to see how it all ended nor what the ice and death arenas were like.