Just random stuff with my crush-old dream 🦄😳😅😷

Date: 7/28/2017

By madnewman13😼

So I can remember that in this dream I was with my crush in my driveway.. We were talking I believe and both wanted to go into town (it is night btw). So we flew over to town but when I looked at my crush he had turned into my brother and was grinning creepily at me. 😷😳 Before town, there were these arches before it. The light from a lamp post turned pink and everything slowed down. My crush was himself again (thank goodness) and was being all sexy and whipping and touching his hair. In the background the wizard from the Lego movie was randomly floating in the background.. Like there was no gravity. So we finally enter the town which is super fun and colorful but it was then that my dream ended..