Riding A Tricycle

Date: 8/8/2019

By Talinas

The dream was long. I can’t recall what I did prior to me riding the tricycle yo a hill after coming down from it. I remember we went to pick up our dog lucky. This tricycle was different. My husband was sitting in the back. I had a huge basket in front of the bike where our dog sat in. I enjoyed this new bike we were riding. It was easy to go up a hill. We rode down the street and walked into a store. We looked around. There were so many people and Lucky was well behaved. He played with the customers while Paul and I looked around. I was a bit worried when Lucky was playing with the kids. But he did well. After awhile shopping, we wanted to leave and was stopped by a salesman who wanted to sell us something from a box. What I wanted caused $28 - it was a hand statue that looked like it was wearing a hoodie over the index finger. I only had a few bucks with me. So I went to reach for my phone to take a photo but Paul, my husband, wanted to leave. So I dropped what I was doing and placed my money in a fannypack that I was wearing. I went looking for Lucky and found him under the counter exhausted from the kids. He had his left eye closed and couldn’t open it. I tried to clean it out and open it but he didn’t like that. So, I picked him up and walked him to the tricycle. We road up the road. As we drove up I remembered I had left my phone at the store. After that, I can’t recall what happed.