studying in the states with weird things going on

Date: 3/12/2017

By Tjika

I dreamed I was visiting my friend who is studying abroad in the united states. I decided to study there too with a couple of friends. I looked out of the window the first day and saw a lot of snow, really a lot. It was more snow than I'd seen before and it had appeared in a single night. I was sort of surprised by that. Next thing I remember is meeting my mother's grandmother. I have never actually seen her in real life, but when I saw a picture of her when I was awake the morning after this dream her hair looked exactly the same, her face I hadn't seen in my dream (it was blurred) and I couldn't remember what she had been wearing exactly. Still I was happy I sort of got to meet her. In the next part of the dream I was in a lecture hall with my friends. One of them was right next to me and trying to pay attention, but I was watching some kind if anime which made a lot of noise no matter how much I lowered the volume. It would even be load when I turned the volume off. When I turned the computer of I could still hear it and I was really ashamed, because the teacher looked very annoyed by me.