Weird government storm

Date: 6/11/2017

By TrinForTheWin

so I was a part of this weird futuristic government thing. and I decided I needed a break from being there so I went down to the beach. And when I got to the beach I found all these people that the government where looking for to kill all huddled up in towels and blankets, waiting for this big storm that was supposed to hit to happen. I didn't understand why the government wanted them dead so I went over and talked to them. they were all nice people; women, children, men. I knew that with how bad the storm was supposed to be, they would die just being on the beach. so I went back to the government headquarters. there I met this guy that wanted to help me help them (for some reason he kind of looked like four from divergent). so we somehow got this huge shipping container down to the beach. we needed to open it so they could all get inside and wait out the storm. so this guy named Conrad that was one of them, used his random welding tools he had to open up the shipping container. but we looked inside and noticed that we hadn't brought an empty one, we took one that was filled with secret government military weapons. so we didn't know what to do. then we looks off to the water and saw the storm clouds and lightning rolling in super fast. and that's where the dream ends actually