Idiotic Highway-Death Turn

Date: 3/17/2017

By LazyDreamer

Don't recall how the dream began. I was in the back of a vehicle just riding along, with a vague destination- we (dont know the people in the car) were certainly trying to get somewhere. Then a moment later I was walking on the busy road in the middle of the night. I'm standing between the left and right lanes. I'm coming up to some stop lights, and the option to cross towards the busy left to a freeway, straight, or stay straight along the right to then take an immediate right towards a highway- with bridges overlapping one another (like when you're heading to Seattle). I see Isaiah, from Elementary, and his cousin driving past to get to some city where i dont need to go, but is near enough to my destination (still dont recall where i was going) so I asked for a quicj ride. I hopped in, and he was driving with lack of control for his car. We drove forth on to the right lane and and then started with a fast, sharp right turn into a spiral out into the bridge highway. We were going fast the dream slowed everything down- like distorting "real time," and the dream left the bodily sensations of a tense stomach and and rising heartbeat (cool, thanks brain.. tight, tight, tight). Our way onto the skybridge he loudly expressed past the noise of outside traffic and the sound of his distant engine "I feel like I need to slow down" as he turned the steering wheel by veering his shoulders to the right. He quickly repeated something along the lines of feeling like he should slow down the turn as I could see and feel the lack of control in his turn, and us getting closer to the dark blue pickup truck ahead of us in the one-lane turn. Suddenly, during the slow playout of this abrupt turn, after my saying "then slow down..," thinking to myself 'Just move your foot to the damn break petal. Hurry, oh my gooosh..' he somehow couldn't fucking slow down in time with all the damn time he had to talk about needing to slow down, and soon enough I see the fucking silver-ass little highway border fence encircling the highway all of a sudden pass us! As in, WE ARE NOW GRINDING AGAINST THE OUTSIDE OF THIS DAMN BRIDGE, GOING IN A CIRCLE, HE'S TRYING TO MAINTAIN US AGAINST THE THREE FEET OF ROAD THAT OUR 2 FRONT TIRES ARE HANGING OFF OF- BC GRAVITY IS FUCKING WITH US RIGHT NOW. THERE IS NOW A GAPING ABYSS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE HIGHWAY BRIDGE THAT WE ARE TRYING TO AVOID FALLING INTO.. BC THE DAMN IDIOT COULDN'T DRIVE RIGHT! So now I'm petrified in the back seat, literally watching this go down before my very eyes as I brace myself for sweet death. I'm laughing at the fact that during this part I remember distinctly thinking "oh my God, I'm gonna die- (quick, repent before you die!) *shuts eyes* Lord,pleaseforgivemeofmysins. IfI'msupposetodiehere, thenthankyouforthislife- pleasesaveus, inJesusnameamen!" o.o We almost fell in for a second but after that prayer I was still awake in this fucking dream, alive, and then I relaxed and fucking gave up after that prayer and just woke up from the bullshit after suddenly realizing it was optional to be in this dream and thinking ".. okay, this is dumb." I lucid dreamt for 2 seconds and woke up. Thank the, Lord..