Warriors fight

Date: 5/6/2017

By mishakuca

Me and my sister were both warriors. We both as different masters and we both were the best of the best. And we were seeing who could endure the most pain before backing out and Amiee had a small army to fight for her. I tried to fight off ok the random animals and people in her army. But I couldn't so I went directly to Amiee, who was eating cereal, and started whipping her back with my sword. It cut her skin very easily. But she didn't flinch or say ow or do anything. So I continued to do it until I thought she has had enough. She still didn't move or anything. Then I peaked into the backside of her shirt to see how bad the cuts were and she started crying. It broke my heart so so much. I wondered why I just hurt my sister to that extent. It was so damaging to me. I just wanted to hug my dear sister but I had hurt her too much. Then I woke up. Soon after I fell back asleep and had another dream. Me and Amiee and Emily were all at our grandparents and we were playing hide and go seek and we're older now so it's a bit strange and my bro started making fun of us. After, I found Emilys makeup kit and I was going to use it but I woke up.