Authorities: Divine and Contrived

Date: 5/7/2017

By Fitful

I was a little girl in several dreams, it felt like I was a little girl all night long in all my dreams, but I only remember two. I was a little girl and back with my ex girlfriend Laura. We were together again. I gave her a present, a silver necklace that I had already for her but had been holding it since we weren't together, but her birthday was soon and I wanted to buy her a birthday present too. I decided to get her a cat, she didn't have one anymore. I took my cat with me, or maybe it was one i found an orange tabby, and went to the market. It was one of the outdoor markets which usually sells jams and wind-chimes and spicy mango salsas and art. But instead it was a free cat give away market. There were cats of every kind and color in cages in a long row which seems to stretch into infinity. I knew immediately what cat I was going to get her, her favorite a long haired, seal pointed Balanese. ———— I was a little girl. I lived in a house across the street from another house. I liked the people living in the other house and I was often over at their place. I preferred it to mine actually. The other house had a father who was very kind, I liked him a lot. He also had a little girl. The whole family in the other house were gods, and the elder gods who often came down for business didn't like him allowing a human there. They didn't like humans. One time I was there and a god came down and his god light and essence cut my head in half, like it was too sharp. I was hurt very badly, but the father of the house healed me and sent me home. He realized they were right to have rules and I was never allowed over there again. ———— I was a person or a thing living in this house warehouse where people came and got household stuff they needed, good quality stuff, on the cheap. I was either a slave in a cage there, or I was a thing which was sentient and alive and aware it would be bought and used by humans. I was always hungry and it was hard being a slave in a cage, to get your needs met. I needed to get food all the time, but it was tricky getting from cage to cage. I think I delt a lot with a sentient lipstick, the clear kind with flowers in it. Buying food from her. ———— There was a game I was used to playing on creative mode. It was a huge field with a garden and all the plants were alive and wandered around on root legs. In creative mode they were harmless. Suddenly I was conscripted into a generals army who forced us to play on survival mode. After experiencing the violence of the sentient plants I realized how people could almost develop ptsd after dying only once. You could tell a survival player from a creative player. The survival players were twitchy and paranoid. The general made those who didn't follow the rules spend a forenight in the garden. They were tied by the hands to a pole horse, which was a pole with wheels they could pedal, and forced into the garden for 14 days during a red acid rain. They were allowed to kill anything but not allowed to stop moving. ———— I was living in the second house across the street from the first, but it was years a later and the god family was gone. I was renting a room in the back which had a huge fireplace. This friend of mine was courting me, hoping to get with me. I ended up taking his boss, a king as a lover instead. The king impressed me more because he showed me how to light the fireplace so it would burn for weeks. He used picture frames, bit old picture frames, and a few other tricks which made a grand fire. It was very exciting and I took him as a lover. I was a little impressed with his title. I was still friends with the guy who wanted to get with me, he wasn't too upset by the king as my lover situation, he was a magician after all. He wore a pig earring I had given him. A girl cautioned me it made him look too sweet, that I should let him wear hoops again. She reminded me of a movie where the actor played many parts, and each time he was able to don a mannerism, like one of confidence or an unproductive persona. I remember seeing the movie, it was very familiar, it the actor's name wasn't. ——— I snuck a friend into a movie studio with me, she was dressed like a boy, but they found out and it was aired who she was. She was a member of the royal family. Back at my place she and another girl and I were naked and in the shower. She as giving the other girl a foot massage. They were a bit off character, as if their actors were unsure and too sweet to play their characters. But eventually they got into the swing of it and began comparing lives and quirks and tattoos. Finally they asked me if I had a tattoo and I said I did, but i had hid it so no one could ever see. I opened my mouth, and at this time I was outside my body so I could see too, and the underside effect my tongue was an airplane launching off a rocket launcher. They laughed at my boldness and accepted me into their naked pile, when suddenly, in the middle of a hug, I disappeared. I appeared in midair, and fell to earth over near where the rocket would have been launched at. It was deserted but a large rock hand in the form of a fist fell from the sky and lighting scored words into the stone beside it. A booming voice read the words. "You will keep the baby, he will be strong," by the order of GaWen'cein, Healer. I actually read these words, the name was almost burned into my mind.