me and monster at school

Date: 2/21/2017

By amaya

Me and other adults and kids were at my school. It was night time so I don't know why we were there. The whole school was dimly lit. There was some sort of monster who knew when someone was awake. It was a girl with long brown hair and was skinny and tall. If someone was awake, she'd kill them. I was running with a kid and his parents into a classroom and the monster came running at us with the most terrifying face. I quickly told them to sleep and then she disappeared. Out of no where everyone spawned at a high school exit door and we were inside. The door was locked and then it unlocked. Everyone ran out and went in there cars. I went and found my dad in his moms truck. I got in and he said I had school tomorrow but then insisted he'd take me to Georgia. The lights inside the car turned on in the back and the monster quickly killed me and him. I woke up after that.