Skiping school then robot arms?

Date: 7/1/2017

By sharkey161

My friend Peyton and i were in elementary school spasificly 5th grade we decided to skip school so we went to pigly wilgly and chilled in the parking lot and then went to micdonalds i dont think we acually ate anything but we were being chased and we drive around in my moms car and peyton drove and was really good ad driving fast and didnt crash like i was crashing any way we get back to the school and we have to sneak in when it was recess so no one thought we were gone. And we did that and i woke up I fell back asleep, but now i was a chubby version of finn from adventure time being chased by some weird robots well there was this robot that was just a pair of red arms that i made good my throwing water in the headphone jack and this green robot that i did the same with. We then broke into my house and found these two robots that i could not find the headphone jack to so we drove them out under my bed and the robots and i chilled on my couch. And i gave them upgrades and i was really nervous the two robots were just going to come out and kill us at any moment.