Date: 7/12/2019

By mgold15

my mom said we were moving and she was showing us the house. we were driving and it was a really nice neighborhood but then there was this dark, creepy street that was in the woods but all of the trees were black and had no leaves. they turned onto that street and I was thinking “um... okay maybe its a shortcut.” but then they pull into the driveway of this little tiny, trashy, beat up house. I look out my left window and there’s an old woman with a shotgun just screaming at our car. I immediately started bawling I did not want to live here AT ALL. I kept saying I didn’t like the house and that I didn’t want to move here but no one was listening. I eventually fell onto my hands and knees and started to threaten to run away if we moved here and that I never wanted to see this place again. This seems dramatic, but we were moving out of a nice house on a quiet street to a trashy and DANGEROUS road on a hill. My mom started screaming at me that I have to just deal with it because she is already in the process of buying it. When she said that I went into the car, grabbed my backpack and just started running.