The baby game

Date: 7/16/2017

By SnowWillows

Well, it started out as being a high school, the one I went to before except it was mixed, Tom and loads of other guys were there and it was really crowded and then there was this old guy who was saying something to get to me, something about pictures and I got angry and pushed him into the door and then I went inside and saw my current head of year and I expected to get into trouble but he didn't say anything to me.. and then it changed to this game.. and it was like this baby game and you had to do loads of things for the baby whilst it was still in the womb and I kept trying and the baby kept dying... no matter how many times I tried... There was also this creepy song about having problems that was playing on loop and every time the baby died it'd show a tiny red baby finger and the dad would say, "You got a red finger, better luck next time". I don't know what happened next, but I know it was horrible and then my mum woke me up.