Alternate reality

Date: 6/17/2017

By contactsilence

There was a sense of fleeing from something life threatening. My children and I had to go through a side gate like the old side of my house, so it was dusty reminiscent of playing in fields and yards growing up. My husband was with me and we dropped My son S off in this dimension and I was upset I didn't get to say goodbye, but I knew I would see him again so it was okay. My sister D had gone to this place to run for the last time since she thought she was going to die, but she didn't die after all so I thought about how if she only knew she wasn't going to die then she didn't have to do that. In the first place. She had rl cancer. She was associated with Her ex and I think her kids at that time in that reality they were there to support her as she was frolicking lol. There was a sense of running from reality to this place for the safety of all. Also we would lose our eyesight at some point. I'm recording this way to late the next day and many details are lost.