Date: 5/22/2017

By carelvant

Night 4-5 Dec. 2016 Early morning. Many Birds in a tree. Stuck my hand out and one climbed onto my shoulder. Kept wanting to stick it's beak in my ear. I kept stopping it, but a last, it managed to do so. Very long beak, but felt no pain. The birds I saw in the tree were very small. And a lot of them. I knew that when I held out my hand, one will get one. When it got onto my hand, it was suddenly different. And much bigger. About the size of a dove. Brown and black with a long beak. Very friendly and I Knew not intending to harm me. I stopped it when it tried to put it's beak in my ear. Took it to my wife. Warned her about what it wants to do. It was with her for a few seconds then on the ground. I called it by whistling. It ran and jumped onto shoulder again, very exited. That's when it stuck the beak in my ear. Couldn't remove it. But as I said, not painful. Woke up.