The not so gigantic giant...? A very strange dream .... And a lucid dream LLAMA CRUSH

Date: 7/29/2017

By madnewman13😼

So basically I heard this legend about this giant who would come around and capture people and ask them to rebuild his fallen town or he would kill them. I was hiding with these two girls.. Because the giant was on the prowl. We kept hiding in tall Hess until the grass was making us itchy at one point. I accidentally stood up and he spotted me. I tried to run away from him but it seemed as if my feet were glued to the ground. I was angrily trying to get away from his grasp.. But I couldn't. This giant was almost more metal like. He brought me to his lair where he asked me, "Will you rebuild my town or will I have to kill you?" He asked me. "I'll rebuild your town!" I lied. I wanted to get away. "Or you Can kill me.." He said handing me a gun and lowering his head. I aimed it at him but couldn't do it. I felt kind of bad for the giant. I mean, he just wants his fallen town to be built again. Suddenly I hugged the giant and he shrunk down to a mini size of my crush.. He was shorter than I was! We went around holding hands for a while and then he seemed to disappear.. And I found myself alone in a desert with my brother. "Wait a minute I'm dreaming!" I told him. "So are you seeing what I'm seeing? Are we dreaming the same dream?" I asked. "Well I don't think so. I'm usually not," he replied. "I wonder where Nate went, he was just with me!" I asked. "Let's just call for him and maybe he will show up." So we started calling my crush's name over and over until he showed up, but as a llama. "How Can this dream get any weirder?" I wondered. It did but I can't quite explain it using words.