Date: 8/4/2017

By Tomboy10156

I was sitting in a classroom when Kai bursts in and he came back to life with a weird power that can produce lost of heat so (I'm Bonnie) he comes at me and Elena and starts to burn us and then he stops and suddenly I am on the opposite side of the room and he starts to make radiation and everyone's skin is starting to peel but I'm on the opposite side of the classroom that him so I don't get burned too bad and then he pulls out a cross bow and aims it at me and I try to hide behind Elena but then she moves and I stand up then Kai shoots me in the stomach with the cross bow and the I'm Elena and Katherine is a couple feet away from me and we are crouching like everybody else and then another Katherine breaks through the window and everyone is scared after we stand up and then I'm me and all the characters go away and there is a lady that tells us to fight it out and for some reason we all have eggs in our hands and after only a couple people were left she said will you all be loyal to me and we said yes and then she told us to leave and we did and after we all agreed not to be loyal to her