Weird dream

Date: 6/15/2017

By Serena

I went to school this boy was in the office, he was doing math equations. note a= kid q= principal Q: we should work on math more often A: Okay. He was shorter than his classmates and had black hair and a black sweater. Then he went blind, then he ran into something and lost his voice. He asked a doctor to fix his vocals, apparently it was a magic doctor and he fixed them up. What they're saying were words on a screen A= kid Q= Mom A: Hi mom! Q: wow I haven't seen you talk in years A: I know! then he lost his hearing and had to get hearing aides but then a new technology came out that helps blind people see then the narrator came on N= Narrator N: This new technology helps blind see. There's already a cure for all those other disasters, but no cure for blind. So that's why we invented the see bot. Then the narrator stops talking and I seen that same kid wearing the see bot riding a toilet paper cart across the hallway of the school then I woke up