reoccurring dreams!? (and nightmares)

Date: 6/27/2016

By laramc

For years now, I've had reoccurring dreams. From nightmares I had when I was 3-4 yrs old, to dreams I had a few months back. I remember some dreams in particular so well, I could write about 5 more entries for each. One that stands out to me most when I think of reoccurring nightmares, is the one I had in preschool.. Whenever I have this nightmare, it's like I'm young again, and even though I should know what's going to happen, it still scares me, I'm in the mind of my old self, quite literally. The nightmare goes something like this; I'm playing in the playground of my preschool, I don't have many friends, I'm so quiet and shy. We hear a low grumbling sound and the kids and I start to get scared. All of a sudden, a Chinese dragon (a Chinese dragon?! Not even a real dragon, come on Lara your nightmares are SO terrifying šŸ˜“) jumps out and EVERYONE runs away. Except that I can't run, in real life I suck at running too, but everyone running off at top speed and me being stuck there was really a downer.. Anyway we all run and the dragon ends up grabbing my and dragging me into his 'lair.' (Which happens to be under the slide.) I wake up then.. Another reoccurring nightmare I've had a few times, is one with a giant piraƱa. I'm a swimmer, so for me, being in a dream and suddenly not being able to swim fast enough to escape danger is terrifying for me, and is dissapointing. But that's what happened. My dad and I were in a public swimming pool, then everyone starts screaming and getting out of the water, behind me is a giant piraƱa, bigger than me (im a child though). I swim fast and my dad climbs out of the water and turns around to grab my hand. Just before he reaches my hand, the piraƱa grabs my legs. On a happier note, I had a sequel to a dream I had a few months ago. A fucking sequel! I don't remember too much but it was this boy and I going through a course that -now that I think about it, was kind of like a game show- however it was life threatening. We made it through the the course, our crushes on each other growing. We make it out and we are supposed to go and sit in the red chairs, a signal for our label, we've made it though and we belong to red now. The boy goes to sit in the purple, however, stunning a few, but I know what he's doing. I think his family or whatever belonged to purple, and he refuses to sit in another colour, because he lost his family way back. I smile at this, and remember who he is. He's the same boy I had met in another dream, a dream I had a few months back. In the first dream, we had just met and gotten along quite well. In this dream, I already knew him when I started dreaming, but didn't recognise him, even though I acted the same around him. It's wasn't until the end of the dream that I recognised him and I woke up with the biggest smile on my face. (Tbh the whole colour thing is pretty weird now that I think about it)