A message for a friend

Date: 2/5/2019

By jp01

I was at my friends old house, I walked in through the gate at the bottom of the carport and through the big gate that led to the back yard. I left both the door and the gate open. I saw two people, I recognised them, but I don’t know who they are. They opened the gate to a smaller contained segment of the yard to where we used to play as children. Her late childhood dog, Winnie, ran out at full speed. I held my arms out and called to her, but she couldn’t hear me, she ran straight past me towards the open door. I saw my friends current dog, Delta, run in to the yard, she didn’t care about anything and just played with some toys. Winnie ran straight in to my friends arms, she and the two people, knew my friend was there. Winnie didn’t leave My friend for the remainder of the dream. I don’t dream about dogs or the deceased. I think I was given a message for her. I just can’t figure out who these two people were. My theory, my two childhood dogs that came from the same litter, personified, they never spoke, just looked at me.