the ocean and dalton and a pirate

Date: 2/23/2017

By kidden

I was at the beach with dalton and I think dalton was supposed to be a pirate and I had a magic eye that I don't really know what it did for sure but it was universe colored. The water was going crazy and the tide was super high so me and dalton got out of the water and then this other pirate came swimming super fast up to us and he tied dalton up and was in my face and he had a hook hand and he wanted my magic eye. Dalton was struggling to get up to defend me but he couldn't and the pirate was pointing the hook at me saying "it would be a real shame if anything happened to that boys pride and joy and the lil pirate inside you" because apparently I was pregnant. But I kept closing my eyes. Then the pirate trapped me and dalton in a loop where we just kept living the same day over and over