Date: 3/10/2017

By nadeen

I was in university and people decided to repel saying they're traping us so somebody broke a window for us to escape and their was two guns in sight suddenly the university people found out and started to attack us I panicked and grabbed one of the guns and ran to the next room I was threatening if anyone came near me I would shoot them and shot the wall twice to show them its a working gun and I know how to use it but they were alot so I surrendered to them saying I wasn't repeling with them I was just in the middle when all this happened and then they let me go. that's when I thought I woke up from that nightmare I knew it was a dream but I didn't know I was still dreaming until my mom told me the university called and said that you shot the wall. I panicked I thought that actually happened so I did the reality check where I press my fingers through my palm and see if they pass and they did (first time I remember to do reality check in a dream after a long time trying to get lucid!!!) the events after I prefer to forget so I wont write them here.