the desolate quarter

Date: 6/11/2017

By entferntacquisition

thief mission in a swamp like place with modern decayed architecture. cataphile-like scene run by homeless thugs some of which are filthy tramps and thieves. they roam the subterranean sewer-like sections. two try to stab me towards the end because I'm an ignorant newbie to them. I go to the doctors several times and they make fun of me, especially one time when I have a semi-erection while being examined. they also mock my small build and posture saying that I can't compete out there. Dr Le Clainche is among them. the only "trustable" person is an old Lady who's almost always naked and sleeps over one of the sections, barely ever sleeping. they have contests where they run through underground sections the fastest. the most dangerous part looks like a mix between a museum, a train station and a church. this is where I must complete the mission. I have to fight off terrorists and get to an outside upper platform with Chartres-like labyrinths carved on the floor. I can see the whole area from here. there is a curse to solve that I don't remember. I see a wall of flames separating me from a malefic area where I was. later I get attacked by a rat/roach creature. thugs appear and eat it, chase me, ugly and deformed, I get on a roof with holes, they try to climb to get me. the dreams ends there.