Date: 5/1/2019

By Deebs29

So me and my friend who I am really close too went to Walmart from an old friends house we were all hanging out and an ex is there too idk why she is there but I don’t talk to her then we decide to go to Walmart me and my friend Hay when we go we cross over a river that was shallow and make it safe this all happened as soon as I returned home right after I decided to go see my old field at SV and drive around the country and while at the store we talk ab life and we run into one of her pregnant friends who is getting groceries for her soon to be baby we just chat it up and I learn that my friend Hay spent the evening with my ex hanging out and getting to know each other and she said she was jealous and would try to look and be taller than her me and Hay were having a good time also while at the house with everyone Mahone and Gus were there and one other person and we all were drinking it was a house near the OH river I remember