Sleep paralysis

Date: 3/18/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I am not sure but I think that since we've been talking about sleep paralysis and since I have checked some stuff about it I believe I have DREAMT of having a sleep paralysis. I was trying to enter a dream but it was so confused. I remember my mom entering my room and me telling her to put something into my baggage but I've asked her this morning and she says that she doesn't remember anything. Then I fell asleep again and at a certain point I woke up and looked at the wall with the clock and the poster that already scares me as fuck and it was doubled and distorted so I got scared and tried to cover myself with the blanket(which I was already covered with I think but at this point I'm not even sure) and found out my limbs were so heavy and I had a lot of difficulty doing so, everything with my eyes closed. I started hearing sounds but I managed to and then fell asleep almost immediately.