Population Growth

Date: 3/28/2017

By seascarlet

I was standing on my parents' deck at night looking off towards the mountains, but instead of mountains there was a cluster of huge skyscrapers. I was many years in the future and the population had grown so much that my small town was now a city with a huge downtown. I looked at the shiny metal structures reaching up into the stormy sky, and wondered how many more big cities there were now, and how much bigger the ones I remembered must be now. There were children standing next to me, bickering with each other. I thought about how I had always assumed I wouldn't be one of those out-of-touch old people, but everything had changed so much in this future that I felt very out of touch. I looked at the kids next to me and their weird clothes and wondered what this world was like for them, and felt like I couldn't relate to them very much at all.