Totally weird related to game (longest dream I ever had)

Date: 6/20/2019

By Deafbr

This is very long dream, definitely my longest one that I could remember. 1. Sonic with day/night power 2. Tank war with glitchy landscape 3. Friend and I was smoking marijuana and playing those games (above) 4. This is most weird part, it was merge of “reality” (friend and I play games) and labyrinth. I have split into 4 different category, you could just skip all those so you can just read most weird part, which is at bottom. (Look for number 4.) (1. Sonic with day/night power) There was an floating island during daytime. I was sonic and I do run fast but not fast as sonic in “irl game.” I running around the island, there was a huge weird shape tower in middle. Eventually, I begin notice that sun does move toward the horizontal. Also, I notice that there was shade symbol (it was 3 of them) so I assume that I needed to find 3 items so I could pass this level or something. I begin to search for those items, I finally found one. It was sun shape so I grab one, I feel my power become stronger then I keep searching for a while. Eventually, I couldn’t find anything on whole edge of island. So I begin to climb up the bottom of tower, I did found other item. It was other sun so I got it, I feel much more strong (in energy form). It was pretty weird feel but same time feel good, then I saw the sunlight almost disappear. So I look at the sun, it was sunset eventually, it disappear into the horizontal. Immediately, I feel super weak as sun item have opposite effect in nighttime. So I was hurried search for one more item, I found moon shape so I grab it. I feel much less weak but still weak as I still have 2 sun item and 1 moon item (moon cancel out one of sun’s effect.) I thought that there are 3 item of sun and 3 item of moon. Only matter is time, that I have to quick get 3 moon items during night time or get 3 sun items during day time. For some reason, I realized that I found first 3 items as totally easy so those other remain of 3 are deeply hidden. So I don’t have much time, I was struggle to find anything but after 3 days (those emblem of day and night) merge into one item, I still need find 3 of those emblem. Eventually, I finally got all 3 sun and moon items then it merge together in air. Then all 3 emblem fly out around the island again. First was red yin yang, second was yellow, and third was green. For some reason, I recall that every time I got one emblem and I would get double jump. I assume that if I get second emblem that I will gifted triple jump. So I was quick found yellow emblem (it was second emblem) so I got double jump. I got so thrilled that I could double jump around more efficiently. I got glimpse of first emblem (red) and it was near on top of the tower, so I struggle jump around all those debris/weird shape of the tower. It take a while for me to finally reach to red emblem so I grab it. As I actually got triple jump so I was so exciting as I know that green (last one) emblem is on top of the tower. But tanks on bottom of the island shooting at me. I fall down, I saw so many tanks (like 30-50) so I hurried into one of my own tank. I’m not sonic anymore but regular man. (2. Tank battle) I begin to drive and shooting at one of basic Jeep then it exploded. It create crater impact from explosion but the land was looks like from Nintendo 64’s time so it wasn’t very realistic and it look little glitchy. For some reason, there was all-out war between gray and green tanks that they keep try to kill each other as well try to kill me. That I keep dodging all those bullets and I keep fight back. Eventually, those aren’t Jeep anymore but light tank so they move quite faster and could receive some hit without blow out. I was able to destroy them easily then eventually they upgrade to Jeep with heavy armor. It require to take 2 complete penetration to completely destroy. So it become harder and harder for me as I progress on. I was able to beat them quite easy but eventually I realized that landscape begin to get messy because there was too much crater/glitchy land. So I begin to have hard time to drive my tank in stability but I still able to drive. Feel like hour after I do same stunt and destroy all those tanks, eventually they will become light tank with 2 heavy armor that is shield so I keep fight back. Those tanks will become (similar to Battlefield 1, those nasty armored tank that cover from bottom to top that is little quite hard to penetrate). It will take me several shot to complete destroy them. Eventually, landscape become so bad that it look so glitchy craters so I struggle to drive through and I finally got destroyed then I was totally pissed off. Wait a minute, how do I get pissed off if I died but one of my friend “friend-punch” on my left arm then I look around. There was television that we was playing video game, so I put down my controller. (3. Smoking and play video game with friend) There was a couch that we was playing video game. (Doesn’t remember what kind console) then there was 3 friends of mine. We all sit then sudden one of my friend take blunt and look at me. He ask me that if I want to have some hit and I told him “sure”. As I take several hit, I feel no effect (I assume that smoking during dreaming the effect doesn’t work 😂) then one of my friend keep complain about that he can’t get blunt for some reason. Then he become glitchy (as antenna doesn’t get enough information so it become glitchy) then he disappear into FaceTime. He was totally pissed off! There was coffee table front of couch and there was various of pothead’s stuff as there was one object that is my favorite bong. It look like blue rose at bottom with sort of rainbow (mainly blue) on “stem” swirl around toward top. That bong is around 1 and 1/4 feet tall. It just sit on corner of the coffee table. We tried to continue play game but for some reason that television warp me into the game. This time, it was not normal game but real life escape room game. (4. The Labyrinth) I was so confused as well as my two other friends. We looks at each other and ask each other, what the hell going on. There was so creepy doll/clown that begin run pass from one object to other. We couldn’t see the face of that creepy doll but eventually it would pop right in my face. I got so bad jump-scare and it make me realized that I’m completely stuck so I quick run to one of the door. The creepy clown doesn’t run normal, it look like cut from the cardboard that pop up in m face. The doorknob look like 1900s that there is a keyhole with old knob. Except there is no keyhole. I tried open door fast as I can, but there was other damn door without doorknob. I quickly look around for other door to open so eventually I found one. The damn clown keep pop in my own face (like 3 inch away) it was scary as hell. So I keep tried open so many door as I can remember. My estimate would be around 10 doors before I was able to move on to other room. Every time I open the door, there almost always other door behind the door except without knob, so I have to look around but eventually realized that I open first door (second door without doorknob will pop out after I open other door.) eventually, after around 20 doors (there was only 4 doorframe in that room.) I managed to get into other room but I tried find my other friends in next room. Instead, I found one of my friend stand on ceiling upside and other one on wall sideway. There was stairs everywhere, but I grab one of my friend and carry as gravity against me. It was so weird but we managed got out of one door. We fall down as that door was cellar door without stair. I grab one of edge, I look around and it was behind couch from my #3 part but my gravity was mess up. So I told my friend to jump and carefully grab this edge. I climb on the couch and eventually I sit on middle of the couch but my upper body heavily due to gravity pull me against the couch. There was a pathway (imagine as Alice from the wonderland jump into the hole.) that is exactly same feel as couch into “mess reality” this is quite hard to explain but there was hollow in middle of back of the couch. But one of my friend struggle to hold on the edge, he fall into glass sliding door (already open) so he fall into the sky (horizontal way) it was so weird, but I sit on the couch for a while. I was try figure out what the heck going on then I woke up!