Obese lady: Fruit causes heart disease because it has sugar? 🍅🍒🍌🍉🍐🍍🥝🍋🥑

Date: 8/11/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

So if you know me in real life there's one thing you never ever do, and that's argue with me about nutrition, you will lose. I've made qualified physicians look like fools before. I'm a nutrition student right now, and on top of my education I've done thousands of hours of research. Anyway so I had this dream that I was at some party. And I was leaving and in the front room putting my shoes on and talking to a friend I made at the party about I think the health benifits of eating fruit. And this woman opens the door and walks in. I think she was wearing a crimson/purple blouse /shirt and white shorts. She was very very overweight, probably obeseand really short like 5'5. She stands by the door like she's waiting for someone, and takes off her sunglasses and puts them up on her head. Then she sudddenly interupts our conversation and completely cuts me off. She starts yelling at me and she sounds so angry that I feel like she's going to hit me if I keep talking. The more she talks the more angry she gets. I get people like this all the time that think their nutrition experts because they read some bullshit blog on google and think they know everything. I HATE these people because if people follow their terrible advice They could die. But I tried to remain as calm as possible and didn't raise my voice with her. I simply asked her in a super calm tone. "Okay alright calm down, so let's go through that where did you hear that, we don't need to raise our voice" but she cut me off again and rambles on and on. The only thing I remembered her saying was that. "First off! Fruit is correlated to heart disease and second a plant based diet has no benifits.". She said in a super bitchy whiny tone. Surprised the fat bitch even knew the word correlated. Yes and you know what? Everywhere there's heart disease there's power lines. I guess power lines are correlated to heart disease and must cause it? Second the Bill and Milinda Gates foundation Burden Of Disease Study which was the largest study to determine why Americans die, found that the number one risk factor of death and disibility is, drum roll please: not eating enough fruit. Which could prevent 4.31 million deaths each year. If you think this could only exist in the dream world, think again. I've delt with so many people who use these exact same arguments in real life. Like seriously almost every day! Look I wouldn't care if this was a "my toothpaste is better than your toothpaste thing" But when people listen to information from dead hecks like her that she read on Wikipedia or on some bullshit blog post. PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF IT. I can't explain how much I hate these people I really can't. Anyway rant over... I didn't say anything. In my head I was furious and wanted to call her a fat bitch so bad but I didn't. Then the host of the party came out and said she was listening for a few minuets and told the fat bitch to calm down. So she did. And I felt happy I didn't get angry back at her. She just stared at us with hate in her eyes. The dream went on for a while yet including me talking to more people about life and stuff overall it was a great dream.