Young palm tree (and my interpretation)

Date: 3/27/2020

By Purple

In my dream, I saw a palm tree that I must have planted in the past. I was amazed at how thick the bottom was. It didn’t appear to have normal tree roots. Instead, the bottom of the tree was bulbous, like an onion. The bulbous part was large and circular, maybe about 2 feet in diameter. The tree, while planted in the past, didn’t appear to be firmly rooted. It precariously rocked back and forth in the shallow hole that wasn’t deep enough for the tree to be permanently affixed to. I didn’t know what to do about that dilemma, and then the dream ended. Interpretation I am unable to put down my roots. I moved a lot and haven’t found a real career. This interpretation could be for both instances. The tree has a shallow planting, as if my past self didn’t completely commit to my future self by “putting down roots.” Another thing I saw was that the bulbous root was rocking back and forth, just like my feelings between living in Florida and NYC. Could also be my indecision about a career commitment. Also, bulbous like an onion. Many layers? Many years, many job experiences, many moves…and onions make us cry, so my feelings were at the surface. Open to feedback, as always. Thanks!