I'm a sailor

Date: 8/24/2017

By salvo

[little bit of background: my friend is in the navy at boot camp rn and I was talking to her recruiter for a while about joining but eventually I turned it down. He was very very persistent] I don't know how I got there, but for some reason I ended up on a navy ship. It was pretty weird. There were different sections based on what you wanted. I don't know how to explain it other than you got to eat somewhere that fit your personality. Again, super weird. So I started eating from this area that was meant to show that you were gay, and there were a few other people with me. There was a woman who was watching and she was like hardcore judging. There were different types of sailors on the ship. Some of them were in typical blue camo navy dress and the others were like old school with striped shirts and red neckties. Like really cliche old fashioned sailors. The regular sailors acted unsurprisingly military-like (duh). They were disciplined and organized. The old-school sailors were more rowdy and less ordered. At one point I decided that I wanted to join the navy, so they gave me regular green camo fatigues. Whenever the new recruits went out on a dingy we had to do planks for the whole time. For some reason my sister showed up and asked me what I was doing and I had to explain it to her. Once, I had a meeting with the recruiter on the ship and he said I could choose to go either way, meaning I could be a regular sailor or an old-fashioned sailor. If I wanted to be a regular sailor I had to go to boot camp, but I didn't if I wanted to be an old-fashioned sailor. I decided that I was "not mentally strong enough" to be a regular sailor, and the recruiter told me that the old-fashioned sailors are seen as dumb and uncivilized bc they weren't properly trained. I saw that as fine. My old elementary school teacher was apparently an old-fashioned sailor and she worked as a cook. After I chose, I thought of contacting my friend's recruiter and letting him know that I really had gone into the navy. That's all I remember about the dream.