Calculas Class

Date: 7/11/2017

By vhpina

I was back in school, and I remember being in a math class with a lot of people. I along with other people kept sneaking out to go to different places around Portland. at one of these places I encountered several gay and lesbian groups that were looking to go rave / party and looking for drugs. I remember one girl who was trying to touch my hand while we were getting out of the cab which had 4 people in it. there were people dealing drugs from public restrooms in a populated part of town. the dealer on the corner of the bathroom seem to know me and was wanting to hook me up but I wasn't interested. I saw Spencer come in and I think he was trying to change clothing but I told him he looked like a fool and I also told him where everyone was heading to do drugs and party. I left back to the school where the principal or owner of the school was sitting at the back of the class with his daughter observing the lecture. Everyone or was eyeing his daughter and I don't remember how but I ended up walking to her and making conversation and then next thing I know we are sneaking out of the class and outside in the fields outside the school running around having fun. When we went back to class everyone was ooooohing and aaaahing like kids at us but I just ignored them and tried to take a seat to finish the class. I was however too late and I remember the teacher ending class but she was saying all kinds of Latin base words to describe all the characters which were not actual characters used in math but I remember understanding what she was saying as she pointed to all the different symbols and letters. After class I left to go meet up with some friends that I don't actually know and I ended up helping them make hardcore drugs. I remember asking if anything would have harmed my lungs and they all kind of laughed and said of course this is going to destroy your lungs and your life but that's why we wear these masks but they don't block out everything. it ended up being at the owner of the school's house and they were trying to do it without getting caught. I remember when the owner got home or walked down stairs that I was able to come up with a diversion in order for him not to see the drug making in the room.