Trapped in another persons body🧟‍♀️

Date: 9/26/2019

By brookebattiste

So this one is weird. I was a involved in a school shooting , I was running down the hall and the shooter caught up to me. I closed my eyes in fear waiting to be shot but he said since I did that I must be good and let me go. I thought I made it out but when I walked down the ile in Walmart to look at the lost victims. I saw a picture of myself. It was like I was trapped in another persons body, but I was me inside. I ended up running into my aunt and started crying trying to explain it was me. She freaked and brought me to this old church my family was in. They were having my funeral. I run to the front and show them my victims picture and began crying. I say it’s me , it’s me! My family looked confused, and my sister said if you’re Brooke , only she can answer these questions correct. I got all of them right and my mom and sister began crying. We all hugged then my mom showed me pictures of me on the hospital bed giving birth. I had a daughter and all. It was so crazy. They then began to call my other brothers and sisters in the room to meet me and they all looked so big. I then woke up shortly after.