"Where is…"

Date: 8/10/2019

By Rachel447

I was sitting in my new school with my friends at an unusually large oval shaped lunch table. Suddenly, some black and white Five Nights At Freddy's Puppet-looking thing (Google it if you don't know) comes through the door and I literally freak and almost peed myself because the damn thing is like 8 feet tall and floats a foot off the ground. It starts circling around above everyone and nobody seems to be phased by it. The only other ones that are freaking are me and the other two new students I came to the school with. Kerry, one of my friends, told us not to worry because apparently it shows up all the time??? You have to ask it a question that starts with "where is…" almost like how you have to answer a Jeapordy question with "what is…" If you ask it "where is candy?" it will make a strange noise and then whatever you asked for will appear in front of you. Kerry demonstrates this and it only makes me anxious because this thing doesn't stop moving. Ever. And the noise it makes is *terrifying*. So I tried it and said "Where is…" and then I woke up!!! 😫 It could've at least let me hear what I wanted!