Dream: Detectives

Date: 5/28/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

    I had been called in to work with three other people on a couple of different missing persons cases. The downside, Matt (a former friend), was one of the detectives I had to work with.     One of the cases I had to work on had taken a turn for the worst because suddenly the people had kidnapped me and my little sister Hannah. We were thrown into a vehicle with a few other people and driven off somewhere.     When we were finally able to get out of the vehicle we found ourselves inside a building with lots of people. Men and women who worked for these kidnappers as well as children and young teens who had been taken by them. I honestly felt sick looking at all these people willing to steal children from their homes. I stayed quiet and kept Hannah close to me. She would not be let out of my arms or sight. Hannah didn’t disobey either. She knew something had happened and it was bad. So she just stayed close to me and quiet.     The kidnappers led us through a bunch of halls, a labyrinth’s worth really, and we found ourselves in another big room. I heard some of the children scream and saw why. On the other side of the room were some dead bodies. One of them was Matt’s. Apparently he had been found out by them when undercover. I felt my stomach turn now. Hannah was in my arms and had buried her face in my shoulder, not wanting to see. Some of the other kids had clung to me and the teenagers. The teenagers were doing their best to stay stone faced and ‘strong’ for the younger kids.     By the end of the dream, somehow, we had escaped. We being me, Hannah, some of the teens and kids. (Those of us who were left.) We had all piled in to one of the vehicles they had brought us in and I drove us off. Some of the teens and kids were hurt so i drove us to a hospital while, at the same time, I was calling up some of the federal agents i worked with for back up and help. I knew that the people would know where i was headed so I had to hope back up would get there before those people got us.     Right as back up came is when i woke up.