Date: 2/3/2017

By lilacsilverbloom

the fam and grampi go out to lunch. me and grampi walk together on the way back on this bridge that is over a lake-swamp.

AI generated interpretation Thank you for sharing your dream with me. Based on your dream, it appears that your relationship with your grandfather (grampi) is an important aspect of your life. The fact that you and grampi are walking together on a bridge over a lake-swamp suggests that you may be in a transitional phase in your life, one that may be slightly uncertain or murky. The fact that you are on this journey with your grandfather may suggest that you seek guidance or support from him during this time of transition. Your grandfather represents wisdom, guidance, and support, qualities that you may find valuable in your waking life as well. Overall, your dream may be reflecting your desire for a stable and supportive presence in your life and your willingness to seek out wisdom and guidance from others, particularly those you trust and respect.