Date: 8/8/2017

By BossQueenAngel

Dreamt about Tucker again.. This time I had found out I am pregnant and my friend Jeremy was with me when I got the news... I had my job, a vehicle and my own place.. Jeremy told me he would help me with the baby... Then my dream shifted to a month after my baby was born and Tucker came up to Tennessee... Jeremy had his own place and had come over to visit and was letting me know that Tucker "was in Tennessee", then there was a knock on my door... I asked Jeremy to answer it because I was breastfeeding Alex... Next thing I know Tucker is standing in the doorway of the nursery... He said " So it's true.." Jeremy said " What's true?" I couldn't say a word, but my mind was racing... Tucker then said " That you two had a baby. That's what.." Jeremy started grinning and said "I guess so." and laughed... Tucker started to get and Jeremy told him to chill the fuck out.... Alex started to cry so I patted his back and soothed him to sleep... But I couldn't let him go or lay him down like I normally would.. We went to the living room and I sat in "My" chair and just started rocking Alex.. As I was rocking my son I began to calm down and think straight... Tucker was asking all kinds of questions... The one question that caught my attention was when he asked when Alex was born.. I asked him why he wanted to know... He said" I thought, no was hoping he might be my son.." He then chuckled and said" But that can't be cause you would of known mot long after you left me that you were pregnant." He looked very sad as he said this... I didn't know what to say, because Alex is his son... My pregnancy was exactly like my pregnancy was with my other son Kyle.. except for one exception I didn't know until I was 6 and 1/2 months along when I found out!!! My conception date was April, 13, 2017. Which was two days before I walked away from him... I looked at Jeremy and he nodded at me came and took Alex out of my arms... Alex started crying and usually he would stop once he heard Jeremy's voice or heartbeat except he did not this time... Jeremy looked at me confused as much as I was.. I took Alex back and he stopped crying... He grabbed my hair, which was well passed my waist; which it has not been since my 6th grade year; and wrapped it around his hand and feel right back to sleep with a content sigh... Tucker looked at us very confused and sad... I looked at him took a deep breath and told him Jeremy was not Alex's father... Tucker's eyes got big but that was all anyone could see that could of given away his hope that he was Alex's father.. Then I woke up..