Off the cliff, Cancun waters, New York #2

Date: 7/14/2017

By TheNagual

Me and Falls drive off a high road in his red truck into Guess' backyard. Looked like Scottsdale, he had to move out because his friends spent all of his money. I felt awkward inside the house. The waters of Cancun, I flew a plane there. There was a magnificent palace resting over a waterfall over the sunset waters. I believed this was the festival. Three unknown women led me through the ocean waters, I was drowning a bit but not too much. I was excited to make it to a near by island. Mike urged me to come to New York and wear the vest that Joe Bonamassa wore, I must have gone and came back for I ended up coming out of the terminal. There, I waited and anticipated her arrival. She came out and was confused and emotionally volatile. I attempted to persuade her over text, like previous dreams before. It ended similar too, my persuasion won and I reconnected her and hugged her outside of the shopping center that was the airport. Father was waiting to pick me up, I told her to act sick?