So a Homophobe Can Have Gay Friends?

Date: 4/19/2017

By ImprovdHat

So I woke up @2am with the need to pee and a couple of distinct thoughts. One was about some kind of dating app I was using or reading up on but I also think I was dreaming about this story I saw on Facebook where this old man ate breakfast with his wife every morning even though, in her deteriorating state, she hadn't recognized him in nearly five years. The line "she may not know who I am, but I know who SHE is" stuck out to me. After that I tried to do some more lucid dreaming stuff. Then I had another dream where I was at school and there was this man who had my most recent journal. There were a few HPSers around (it was by the Mac Lab after school, but the dream setting was all wibbly-wobbly. Like sometimes it was audio without the visual, maybe because of exercisers before going to bed the second time). He began to read a particularity incriminating entry where I was explaining what it's like to be a conservative in a theater guild full of "liberal rainbow-vomiting communists." He read aloud the lines "I think being gay is fundamentally a sin. I think there are only two genders, and I think that God decided which one you're gonna be when he 'fitted' the 'plumbing.'" Although if you look in my journal I don't say THAT, those lines more or less demonstrate a small number of my opinions on the touchy subject. However the man didn't add my other stuff like "I'd fight to the death for my queer friends" and "I'M kinda confused about gender" and "Everybody on this gorram planet is a sinner and Christians need to stop shaming and get the fuck over themselves." I was trying to explain to my disgusted cast members that I didn't give a flying fuck who they liked bc they are just as human as me, and that I never thought I was better than them just bc I'm straight/cis or some shit. "Ian!" I called out desperately as my world came crashing down around me. "Please, I don't hate you guys! I never did!" Through my tears I heard the man say "Ah, so THIS one's Ian. I think I saw your name mentioned before..." as he began to flip the pages. I woke up a hot mess.