married to married man

Date: 5/17/2017

By 1sana123

I dont know but i got married to a middle aged man in matter of fraction of second the marriage was like just the matter of sign .no one was there in this marriage .i felt no connection with him he went to wrk .. i went to wrk in kitchen, his brothers wife was also wrkin there. i worked for like 4 hrs .his brothers wife felt pity and tried to console me . in morning i tried to take a bath no one directed me the the proper time for hot water ...i smelt something fishy i was so irritated i went out to talk to husband he was smiling and sitting with some1.i saw a lady her hair is cut short shapelesly she was was quiet .i asked her something and i came to knw she is my husbands 1st wife .and now she is retarted but i can say she used to be very beautiful and smart lady. i was shopping with my mom and i confessed that i got married ..she knew i was not happy she said me that we all make mistakes and to forget abt stupid marriage