Date: 2/13/2017

By dixsilence

Now I dreamed I was on school. Don't remember very much but I was trying to be more friendly with my mates. At night I was on my house, I only remember I was with my little cousin and for some reason all the stars started to move. It was so beautiful I tried to take a photo but my camera ran out of power and the sun was almost rising. The second part was like 1 am and things started to get messy. Slowly an earthquake was building up. At first started very low but steady, I was here with my mother and late grandma. In the meantime, I tried to get everything in a bag for emergency since my grandma had health issues and my mom has reduced mobility. And when we were at the dinner room we were saying that the quake was tiny but it was lasting too much and then the quake had an energy spike and we almost fell to the floor. I don't remember what happened after that. Also the morning we were running uphill to a safehouse we had at the community. Nothing worked, Internet died and so the radio. Barely saw a tweet saying the quake was 7.7, but we knew this was worse than the last 8.8 of a few years ago. Finally I went to the house and in the way every shop was already assaulted, everyone was running, I don't know knew if it was from the robbers or something else.