Red Dragon

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

In my dream I was in my basement, but the floor was made up of layers and layers of all of my books. When I looked out from under the door of the basement into the garage, I saw someone walking up to the door (like in the movie the Red Dragon, when the crazy dragon guy is walking in the cop guys house) and I was afraid they were coming for my books, so I started to eat them. By the time the man got to the basement door, I had eaten all of my books. When he opened the door and stepped into the basement, he just looked around (he was the dragon guy from the Red Dragon). Then we were in my garage sitting next to each other on a tool box that would attach to the back of a truck. I was really sad and upset that all of my books were gone now. He told me he would get them all back for me and patted my shoulder. Then I woke up.