Faulty Jet & Wild Wolves

Date: 2/7/2019

By AngelicSword

For whatever reason, I'm in a big house. My Chemistry teacher, a friend of mine, and Noble were there. Apparently Lasater and Noble had gotten together and he was making a video. I go into the other rooms and look around. The first one I go into is my little cousin's room, al decked out in pink. My sister is also there, playing with her. I move on after listening in. I can't remember which room I am in, but a strange humanoid animal creature with a long black muzzle pounces on me and tells me not to do something (I forget). I make some excuse of why it wouldn't matter and do it anyway. Apparently we're all in a giant military cargo plane of sorts that's on a giant runway. The jets of the plane rip off and go spiraling forward into the mountain. I guess I take a motorcycle over to where the wreckage is in order to see the damage. I park, and stand there surveying the area, looking into the treeline that cuts off at the runway. I'm standing next to my motorcycle. I notice a wolf exit the treeline from my left. It has glowing white eyes. It looks and vicious, and hungry. It's clearly not domesticated to any degree. It snarls at me, sending waves of fear through me. The only thing I can think of is how I'll survive this and get back to the plane. A couple more wolves peel away from the treeline and stalk towards me. They're clearly trying to surround me and cut off any means of escape. They're getting close. The helplessness I feel is indescribable. I'm prey. ((The strange thing that I notice after the fact, is that the wolves were silent. They didn't bark or intentionally make any other noises.)) Anyways, I decide to make a fire to maybe fend them off at least and somehow blow up my motorcycle with me right there and it sends me flying back across the runway pavement. The first wolf is near and as I get up I see him off to my side, walking closer. That's when I feel real fear. I know I have to get to that now-burning motorcycle wreck or I'll be dinner for the wolves. I sprint as fast as my legs can carry me to the fire in a last ditch effort. The wolf begins to run after me. The end. I jerked awake in fear.