Black-mailing Baby; Poop Cake

Date: 6/30/2017

By Dreaming Dust Fairy

Baby photo book brings back memories of first birthday. She used one of the kitchen utensils, the fine filter, to fish her poop out the toilet. Amanda puts poop in the cake mixture. Baking makes the house smell like shit. She is probably quite intoxicated. I'm strapped to the high chair. She can't get enough booze. She pushes my face into the shitty cake and, next she's taking a photo. I'm one year old; don't understand booze. Why would anyone serve me? That photo goes in the baby book. It's my first memory or a dream or the first memory of an alternate me in another universe, and that's okay. She invited black people to the party. I said "I need knickers not the n word." Parents always ask you to wear clean underwear.