Stepping through a door to different dimension

Date: 4/23/2019

By AirBender

2nd Dream of the night after awaking from my first I was with a bunch of other kids in what seemed to be some jail, but instead of individual cells we were fenced in a giant circle. I somehow made a run for it. The next thing I knew I was running down a huge sand dune. The person who was our captor was apparently one of my teachers and yelled something about finding me after I escaped. A young girl lead me to a door that I knew would take us away from there. We walked through the door and entered a place that was snowy. I was now "on the run" and wanted to get a van from my brother so I could stay on the road. Next thing I knew I was in a restaurant with a beautiful woman and saw the teacher I was running from. But it seemed the chase was now off and the teacher didn't care.