Sabotaging Il

Date: 1/23/2019

By MissKate

I am in one of Fi’s projects with Il. I am trying to sabotage it. We are growing tomatoes but I have been hiding all of her tomatoes. Finally I confide in my Mum. She is dismayed at what I have been doing and helps me dismantle them all and harvest them but Il finds out and then I’m in trouble. *** Second part of the dream. I am in some kind of research facility and the scientist and I are talking about how the germs were preserved in gel to feed the microorganisms while they were in stasis. The other inmates and I have about thirty drinks to drink. We’ll have one every couple of days. What I come to realise, through talking to the scientist more, are that these drinks all contain a disease sample. They are going to infect us with different diseases to see how we react.